art inspiration needed...

I need some motivation. Maybe I need to paint some more sheets of watercolor paper with sea salts? I know Casie likes to do that with me.

 I have been reworking some old pieces. So many of these are a thing of the past. My friend  Lisa told me last month, how she couldn't figure out how I got to the layered look I had at the end. The secret?
 Working on them, putting them away for awhile and then bringing them back out time over time, to add layers and sketchings. Letting the layers happen over time. (Just like our lifes, huh? wow, that was deep for a second)
 New inspiration happens, new items are found, more paper is collected.
 and none of these paintings look the same today. I will most more on their progression after I touch up!


KeLLy aNN said…
oooohhh, I love the salt paintings.