Battle of the Bras!

As most of you know Casie and I are participating in the
Making Strides Walk this Sunday to help raise money to fight breast cancer,
in honor of my Mom, Sandi.
So of course when given the challenge, I had to make a bra for the
Battle of the Bra competition!


is Germ's witty name for this piece that promotes eating whole foods! lots of foods photographed by me then put on fabric and
crazy stitched to the bra with colorful buttons.

Casie's hands are in the middle holding cherry tomatoes
Can you go visit the Battle of the Bra's website now and
all it take is $5 to vote!!
Each $5 goes to our team, the Hamilton Parker Company team
Pass the word!! thanks!!


Debra XOXO said…
Thanks for commenting on my blog (Issue 2) - what an awesome bra. So cool!