Doggie Sample Box!

I am a sucker for surprises. But I am also a sucker for sample boxes!
These sets are a great sample of what you can find to
pamper your dogs or cats from Etsy.

My big baby needs to be spoiled every now and then,
when he isnt getting snacks from Milo.

I ordered a sample box for dogs just to see what it would include.
I figured a few dog treats-BUT NO, I was wrong!!


his $5 box was packed FULL of dog treats, doggie gift tags, a postcard,
and some other neat things I would have never thought of!

Chuma has been very pleased to taste test.

Needless to say they have all passed the test by Chuma's standards.

Chuma really liked the treats from Happy Hound , and Lucky Dog


Momma Bear said…
Oh K that is dang cute!