Inspiration Packets!

I sent out some inspiration packets to some friends in my Altered8 yahoo group.
(don't worry, some are still coming!)
With the challenge to be creative and send me some photos of their creations.
I love fun mail, everyone needs fun mail! right?!

Josie already did her Inspiration Challenge. She was so excited! I love it!

This is what I sent her:
This is what she came up with!!
It's called "Femi-Fuji-Fan" and it's a Girl's Day/Doll's Day gift for her niece in Japan.

If you would like me to send you an inspiration packet, send your address
to kelki517 at and I will mail you one!


Momma Bear said…
woot! Checkin out your site right now, hope you don't mind.
Diana said…
Hi bluegirlink! you've won a prize in my OWOH giveaway! please email me at and give me your address where I can send your prize. Congratulations!