The mailman must hate me!...

So I have to tell you, Monday December 17th may have been the best art mail day in history here at my house! I received soooo many altered items!

First I opened a box from Pam in Texas, I'm in the Belle Paier yahoo group with her. Holy Moly this ornament is stunning! I am so impressed! Thank you Pam for such a gorgeous piece!!! I don't know if I could put it away with the Xmas stuff in January.

Then I opened my new issue of Art and Life from Teesha Moore!

This woman amzes me, and her creative ass husband and daughter!

I love them all! I am so inspired!I swear she is known for the kind of art I was told to mature from in art school! Damn those professors! ;)

I think I need to get this subscription again!

I got even more excited when I opened my envelope from a perfect gift for my brother in law to be. shhhhh! don't tell!!
I felt the next soft envelopeand knew it was the gloves from purple and green my favo combo!! these gloves are so comfy and cool! I am so glad I got a striped pair for my daughter. She will love them, since she has been trying to swipe my pair for several days now!

I had forgotten I ordered some funky cool squid magnets for my hubby. He loves the dark sinister creatures of the sea, so this is perfecto!

half the time, I have to admit I love to play in swaps becasue I forget about them by the time they come in the mail. I got my skinny book back from Chrysti at she always comes thru and does amzing work! All of the artists in this book did amzing work!!!

Then to top it off I got my next Vices and Virtues altered RR book to work in. Whew!! I owe that mailman big I say! I love ordering thru etsy becasue you dont have to fight traffic to buy local and support the small artists in the world!! perfect for me!!